The technique of brazing tungsten carbide to steel is increasing growing popular, especially in the manufacturing of the machine cutter tools. For all the cutter bits or teeth used for mulching, mining, digging, and drilling, their manufacturers are brazing tungsten carbide to steel to form a strong joint between the steel body and the carbide tip. That’s why it is increasingly growing popular.

What’s Needed?

Brazing tungsten carbide to steel is a delicate process that requires a lot of attention. The components needed are the steel body, the tungsten carbide, metallic brazing alloy, and the flux. The other important thing that you need to get right is the heating apparatus, which must be able to deliver the right temperatures for the brazing process.

How Brazing Tungsten Carbide To Steel Is Done

The brazing components must be cleaned off any dirt on them. This can be done by cleaning with water or wiping it with a wet piece of cloth. The next thing you need to do is apply the flux on the steed. The flux should be applied lightly. Then put the steel metal in place.

Bring the metallic brazing alloy and apply flux on it, and put it next to the steel material in the market. The last component to bring is the tungsten carbide material and apply flux on. With the brazing alloy in between the steel and carbide tip, you can now start the healing process.

Make sure that the right temperature is used for the heating assembly because of the proper melting of the metallic brazing alloy. Once the assembly is thoroughly heated, jiggle the carbide tip to ensure that the melting brazing allows goes into all the open spaces between the steel and carbide. Then allow the component to cool naturally.

Advantages Of Brazing Tungsten Carbide To Steel

The biggest advantage of the brazing tungsten carbide to steel process is that it produces one of the most powerful joints. This is a joint that can withstand the most demanding conditions without breaking. Therefore, you will be able to mine, mill concrete, and drill rocks with these tungsten carbide tipped teeth without breaking. The cutter tools’ durability is also increased.

Last modified: 2022年6月2日