4 Types of Flail Mower Hammer Blades
4 Types of Flail Mower Hammer Blades

Flail mower hammer blades are some of the critical wear parts when it comes to ground maintenance. They are used on the flail mower, but it is important to note that they come in different types. It is also essential to note that these types may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, there are the common principles that are being observed by every manufacturer regardless of the kind of the machine that they make. Here are some of the five common types of flail mower hammer blades:

Heavy hammer Blades

These are special kinds of flail mower hammer blades that comes with high mass for pulverizing stalky material. They are designed with a significant metallic material mass, and that is why they are referred to as heavy. And as the name suggests, they are extremely. These kinds of flail mower hammer blades are designed for bigger mower models. They are mostly used for cutting or clearing thick vegetation.

Shackled, Curved Blade

This is another common types of the flail mower hammer blades in the market. They are specially designed for users that would want a more efficient machine without. That is why they are to allow the movement in all direction hence cutting in all directions. One other thing is that they are great for grounds that have a lot of debris. That is why they are popular with commercial mowers.

Formed Blades

These types of blades are best known for their high efficiency. From their design, they make it very clear any form of vegetation. One of the key features that makes it popular is less power consumption. That is because they are shaped to reduce the friction by reducing the amount of air moved. That why they are most recommended for the small mowing machines. However, they should not be in areas with debris.

A Multi Blades/ Y Blades

These are special kinds of flail mower hammer blades that are designed to enable in a way that they appear as two blades in one. They are very popular especially when it comes to dealing with thick vegetation. They are also extremely versatile in application. They can be used on a variety of vegetation and still deliver excellent performance.

These are four common types of flail mower hammer blades. Their application largely depends on the kind of vegetation that is being mowed. It also depends on the preference of the user.

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